I have sat typing and deleting this post for hours.  Sometimes the right words, those which adequately express what is in our hearts, are so very hard to find.  I definitely am not the most eloquent person around.  Sometimes words fail me.  For many reasons, this one has been a hard post to write.

“You can’t save ‘em all, you know.”

“You can’t help every child who needs a family.”

We hear it all the time.

I just smile when people make these comments.  My response is always the same–Yup, I sure do know that I cannot save them all.  That’s God’s job, not mine (whew!).  But I sure can do everything I possibly can to save the life of just one child at a time.

You see, I believe that every child matters.  Every child has worth and inestimable value.  Every child on the planet is created in the image of a God who adores them. I believe that every child is fearfully and wonderfully made—just the way they are.

With all my heart I believe that to be truth.

God has had us on a journey recently. For weeks we have felt the stirring in our hearts to do more, to be more, to give our lives away more.  We have been ever mindful of the fact that our lives are not our own—that we have been bought with the ultimate price—a Savior who died for us. What a glorious example of surrender was He who knew no sin, but was willing to do the will of His Father!  We have such a long way to go in understanding the magnitude of it all.  We have so far to go in truly knowing what it means to give our everything to God.

A willing heart.  That’s what God requires of us.  The rest we can leave in His capable hands.

Prompted by the direction the Lord was leading us in, we put our yes on the table.  Not really sure what God was going to do with us or where He would take us.  “Yes” could take us anywhere.  “Yes” meant He could call us to do anything.

“Yes” simply meant surrender.  No matter what.  No matter where.  No matter how.

Have your way, Lord Jesus!

Soon after giving the Father our yes, we were presented with a situation. Finding the words to express what I felt the moment I read about it, well…there are none.  Driving in the car and heading out of town that day, I leaned over toward Anthony and said, “There are some things that my human heart cannot fathom.  Sometimes there just are no words.”

Staring at me from the e-mail on my phone was a little sweetheart.

One with infinite value.

One created in the image of a loving, gracious, and most merciful God.

One who had suffered far more than any child I have ever seen or advocated for on my blog.

“How can this even be?”  I asked my husband that day.

We were shocked.  Speechless.

Because sometimes there truly are just no words.

Today I would love to introduce you all to a little lovie whom I will refer to as Faith.

Though there’s a date of 1983 on all the photos, it’s a camera error.  All photos you will see here were taken just last month.

Faith lives in an orphanage far, far away.  It’s an awful place.  A place where the conditions are so heinous and children are forced to live in unfathomable circumstances.  It’s a place where many people are working hard to bring about an awareness and desperately-needed change.  Faith’s home is in Pleven.

She has been registered for adoption for YEARS.  But sadly, no one ever came for her.  No one has ever even inquired about adopting her.  She has literally been wasting away in a crib her entire life, which is a lot longer than you can tell from these photos, unbelievably.

Helpless.  Lying in her own waste day in and day out.  Only fed enough to barely keep her alive. A little girl who is so thin that every bone in her body is protruding and who is so frail that it feels like her body will break by just being held.

Completely abandoned!

Some things are beyond our human comprehension. Sweet Faith is now 14 years old.

Very sadly, she only weighs 14 pounds!  No, that is not a typographical error. Fourteen pounds! That’s one measly pound for every year that she has lived.

Oh my goodness!  How is it possible?  How can someone that old weigh that little and still be alive?! Two of my sons were BORN weighing 10 pounds!

Through a series of miracles, my friend Shelley recently met Faith when she visited her orphanage.  Extremely malnourished, with stiff little limbs and atrophied muscles due to lack of movement, teeth which are so rotten they are almost falling out of her mouth, and nothing but skin and bones…the little girl still manages to smile in spite of the atrocities life has dealt her.  How she has managed to hold on for 14 long years in her condition is truly beyond all human understanding.  She is a little fighter, for sure.  God is not done with this angel.  He is still writing the story of her life.

It is only just beginning…


Faith’s beautiful miracle is about to unfold!  How can a 14-pound teenage girl last this long?  Is it so astounding that God has sustained this one life for such a time as this?

The God of the universe, the One who called her name, has reached down from heaven and said, “Not this one!”  “For I know the plans I have for this, my daughter.  I will restore unto her everything that the locusts have eaten!”

“I will redeem her life!

Anthony and I spent the next 36 hours on our knees before our Father in heaven.  Begging, pleading, and interceding for Faith’s life. What was our role?

What was the Lord calling us to do?

Friends, sometimes our answer from heaven is what has already been spoken to our hearts.  Sometimes every rational, well-thought-out reason as to why we should not take one giant leap out of the boat, face the raging sea, and walk toward Jesus with everything we have just feels so completely selfish and pathetic.

Sometimes we know the answer before we have even inquired of the Lord.

And this time, we did.”GO!”

The little girl who had captured our hearts, the teeny tiny little angel who lies on the other side of the world waiting for her sweet redemption to come…


What a joy it is to finally be able to share with you all, the faithful and amazing readers of my blog, that God has once again chosen to give us one of His most glorious creations—another child to call our own!  The little girl who first captured us so deeply by her sweet smile will soon be our daughter, Lord willing.

There truly are no words to describe how blessed we feel and how we are longing, with all our hearts, to be able to bring her home quickly.  The good news is that we have nearly finished our home study.  We have been working hard on paperwork.  Faith’s government realizes the urgency of her situation and has agreed to expedite the process and we are begging every government official here to help us get through the stateside part of the clearances as fast as is humanly possible.  Obviously there is no time to waste.  We are sure that Faith has cerebral palsy.  But what other issues she may have which are undiagnosed, we have no idea.

We’re not concerned what’s “wrong” with her.  We’re not concerned about her profound delays or her inability to even sit up on her own.  We’re not concerned that her lifespan could very well be severely shortened from years and years of sheer neglect and starvation!


We love HER.  We want HER.


Do we realize that the journey is going to be hard?  That it could possibly be the hardest thing we have ever had to do?  YES!  We know.  And we’re excited!  We cannot wait to hold this teeny, tiny angel and let her know that she is loved and cherished beyond words.  We cannot wait to help her become all who God has created her to be—no matter how that looks.  Whether she walks or is wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.  Whether she learns to speak, or never utters a single word.  Whether she learns how to love us back—or is completely unable to express herself.  So be it!

We will love her with every ounce of our being every day that the LORD sustains her on this earth.  For every day that she has breath, she will know that she is LOVED beyond description.  Because she deserves to live and to be loved.

You know, if I had to choose the road which is easy—the one that never stretches nor challenges my faith—or the road where I am forced to rely so heavily on my Jesus…that’s the one I want!  Every time.

Obviously this is a huge leap of faith for our family.  We have three biological and four adopted children, and God has provided faithfully each and every time.  We know that this time is no different.  He WILL provide.  Only this time we need to raise the RANSOM in a hurry.  With the process being expedited, we don’t have months on end to do the fundraisers we usually do for our adoptions.

This time there is precious little time.

If you would like to read Shelley’s account of her meeting Faith for the first time, you can read it here.  It is truly moving.  We are so, so thankful to this precious woman of God whom He has used to be Faith’s voice.


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  1. Adeye, I am inspired by the way in which you live your faith “out loud” everyday. God bless you & your beautiful family as you begin another adoption journey. Love & prayers, Kim

  2. Praying for your family and this precious little life! Move mountains Jesus!
    Donation- Emily Rodgers

  3. Oh Wow Adeye, this is such exciting news. Your family’s faith is such an inspiration. I have shared your blog link on my FB page. I am so looking forward to following this journey with you. My constant prayers are with you. Much love Janelle xxx

  4. I am truly moved. I too have been placed on a mission for the children. Only, now I’ve only recently said “yes God, I am willing”. I’m being led down a path to advocate for abused and neglected children. I feel like I need to try and do what I can to stop it, via education and really just getting the word out. At this stage, I’m pretty lost. But I keep praying. Your story is so inspiring! It help give me hope,…for my own calling, for the children. Im heartbroken over Faith’s story and how that could ever happen to anyone, let alone a child. God bless you and your family. I pray that Faith will be in your arms soon.

  5. I definitely shared this, and will be adding the little that I can to your courageous efforts as soon as I can! Sincerely, Rebecca Glanders

  6. I donated to chip in and shared on my facebook! Praying for your precious daughter and your family!! What a blessing!!

    Amanda Smith

  7. I do not know if I can express how deeply you have touched my heart! God bless you a million times! Please keep us posted on Faith, I know that there are many who will be praying for her safe journey to her forever family. I promise to keep praying for her and your entire family!

  8. I just donated. thank you thank you.

    Wow. Thank you. I am so encouraged by your obedience and heart. Our family is in the process to adopt/foster and Its been an emtotional ride so far and we are only in the very early stages… 

    My prayers are for you… please know.

    I will write a blog on this

    and fb and twitter about it.

    thank you so much again for just drawing me more near to God and his will.

  9. I donated and also shared on Facebook. Your heart for the Lord is very inspiring. God bless as you embark on this journey. 

    In Him,
    Karina Legradi

  10. I just donated to your adoption. Best of luck! Can’t wait to see her grow and flourish once she has a family. Suzanne Bouffard

  11. Incredible….we would love to donate to bring your sweet girl home.  My husband has always had a heart for Russia and I have always had a heart for adoption.  We have only been married a year but plan on adopting from Russia some day when the Lord gives us the go.  Thank you for sharing your story!

  12. WoW, Adeye, just WOW!  The tears were flowing reading this, and came even more with Shelley’s post!  I am so excited to watch this unfold!!  God is good!!

  13. Oh my goodness, I am so thrilled to know you are her Mommy.  Faith deserves to join a wonderful loving family and I’m so glad that she is.  God is amazing!!!  The journey is hard and I think the devil fights even harder because he has had such a hold on that place for so long, but the trials are so worth it.  Our paperwork is back to the embassy now and we are waiting for things to move on and praying to travel soon to pick up our little guy from there (along with our 4 who aren’t there lol).  Praying for you all as you begin this journey!

  14. Hi Adeye! Just read your blog.. was bawling.. oh my.. how can someone let a child get like this.. everytime I see a picture of a child from Pleven, my heart shatters… I just sent in a donation to the chipin.. I wish I could give more, my husband has been out of work and is having no luck finding a new job and we are hanging on financially barely, only on my CNA pay…. I pray everyday GOD will provide him an opportunity, as I SO badly want to adopt myself and want to help so many more families in the process.. 
    I will pray GOD will multiply your donations.. you are amazing. if you need any help from me, I live close, in Colorado Springs.
    Anne Ross

  15. Hi there! I just donated on Chip-In for your adoption. I saw a link to your blog on facebook through Brooke Thompson. I’ve read it before and am so thankful for you!! Now bring that sweet, sweet baby home to your family where she belongs!! -Mary Ellen 

  16. I donated Adeye, because you do so much and now it’s our turn to bless you! I will give more throughout the giveaway, and we will topple this mountain!! 
    Christina Schye

  17. WOW, SO exciting!  (That you’re adopting Faith- though the giveaway is great, too!)  Will be donating shortly- will let you know when I do.  I have a local friend (a mom from my MOPS group) who is adopting a little boy from Pleven.  The heart breaks.  Joy Warner.

  18. Shared! Will be back to donate!! Oh the tears, I am so happy for you all and sweet Faith, you are one very blessed family!

  19. Amber Byler Shared on facebook and we will be making a donation asap. We are praying for you and your extra extra special princess she is a gem and we pray for gods hand of protection to contiue to be upon her. GOD WORKS MIRACLES AND WE ALL SEEN THOSE MIRCLES THAT HE HAS DONE IN PLEVIN AND GOD HAS GOT YOUR PRINCESS IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND

  20. I heard about Faith yesterday and started praying for her 🙂 Loved reading this today!!!!

    Continued prayers for your family!!

  21. COngratulations – I just have a question as I am a little confused.  Does the money for this raffle go to all the Pleven orphans – or your personal adoption?

  22. Adeye, if you would like them for your giveaway, I would be honored to donate 6 Disciple’s Crosses, valued at $10 each.  I have black, silver, maroon, light pink, turquoise, and lavender.  You can see a general image of the crosses at https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9dnoGcEuGQ6ktpzQlaO6Ewhm3Aej74ITFjSw4x5r4wcKQaxs4uw.  I purchase these necklaces to use for my own personal ministry … I have followed your blog for about 18 months now and am touched by your obedience to adopt another precious treasure!  If you would like to “save” the crosses for a future fundraiser, that would be fine with me as well.  I donated these same crosses for the Mulligan Stew giveaway that Julia just completed.  Blessings, Julie Rolffs

  23. Posted on facebook

    Be blessed

  24. I have shared on my Orphan Report blog and on my facebook. Let’s get Faith home soon. Lord have mercy, and God bless you for your Christian witness. You and the other ladies are heroes. 

  25. Adeye, For all you do to be the hands and feet and help with adoptions, I wish I could do more for you. I have donated $10. I will try to do more next pay period.

  26. I just made a chipin donation.  I’m sorry it can’t be more.  I’m trying to raise money for Carissa, too.  But even so… I couldn’t walk away without helping you bring Faith home.  Bless you and bless all the children who are there waiting…

  27. OH! I held back sobs (barely, even though I am rocking my sleeping baby). I am so happy that Faith will soon be home and feeling your family’s and HIS love which has surely sustained her these fourteen years. Blessings on your journey, in faith, to Faith. I’ll be chipping in this evening!

  28. I have made a donation to help bring Faith home to her family. My name is Schuyler Gilmore. You are right, every life matters. I will be praying for your family and Faith and look forward to seeing her blossom!

  29. Awesome! I saw this quote just after reading your blog, and thought it a perfect fit:
    “Faith is moving forward in spite of fears. Faith isn’t faith unless it has something to overcome. Faith is reason gone courageous.” Praying for you, in Jesus’ name! Tara @ fit2adopt.com

  30. My precious friend, Adeye, I’m SOOOOOO glad you’re able to share now.  God WILL raise the ransom for Faith.  You’ve helped raise the ransom for SO MANY lovies, and it’s your turn for God’s army to lift you and your family up, raising the ransom for your MIRACLE Faith.  I just shared on Facebook.  I will leave separate posts as I donate, share on blog, etc.  I won’t stop shouting until the ransom is raised!!!!!

  31. Dear Adeye, I have been following your blog for some time now and I am always blessed and inspired by what GOD is doing through you and your husband. Many blessings to you all and we will pray that the ransome money will be raised quickly!!

  32. Praying you raise the money needed to bring Faith home quickly. My heart aches for this child, Lord have Mercy!

  33. Adeye, as a mommy who is also adopting from Pleven, my heart SINGS to the HIGHEST mountain when I hear of another little one rescued – ESPECIALLY one so needy, so tiny, so IN NEED of intervention. You are doing the most faithful thing you can do and you will surely be blessed for your obedience.  I will add Faith to our prayers for the children of Pleven…I pray you will pray for our son too – who doesn’t live on the top floor, but who needs a family to care for him nonetheless.  I was stunned when I learned he is 2 1/2 and weighs 19 pounds…but surely, surely being 14 and weighing 14 pounds is so much worse.  Let the doors fly open in Pleven and the Evil One be forcibly removed so that the light of our Lord may shine on every child’s face there.  GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY!

  34. So excited for the addition to your family.  Faith will be so blessed finally!  Happy to help bring her home.

    Kelley Patilla
    Dunwoody, GA

  35. I’m so excited for you and your family!  Even more excited for Faith!  I’m also happy to be a part of this fundraiser!  I also donated some money to your fund!  God bless!

  36. thank you for sharing this story and allowing us to take part in donating to help Faith and other children at Pleven.

  37. Oh my goodness sweet Adeye!!!!!!!!  I just love watching the Lord work through you and your family!!!!!  My heart breaks for these children and through another dear friend of mine, I have been keeping up with Pleven and praying for those children!!!!  I will share about this and be praying like crazy my dear, sweet Adeye!!!!!!!!  

  38. I was just waiting and waiting for the parents to be announced. Then, YOU!!! Oh, what a blessing to have a mother who loves her. Joining your friends and family in prayer over Faith’s adoption. We are so excited to grow through your story!!!

  39. Donated at your chip-in!

    I am happy for the link I saw on facebook because this post didn’t come through in my google reader today for some reason! Praying for you and your family during this time – how exciting! 🙂

  40. May God bless your family for your faithfulness to Him and willingness to step out in faith for Faith.  Shared your story on fb in hopes that more people will come to your blog & support your journey.  

  41. God bless you on your journey. You are an inspiration.
    I just donated to your chip in. I pray Gods speed for your family to rescue Faith.
    Lyndsay Peterson

  42. I just shared your give away on Facebook. Praying for all the funds to poor in!
    Lyndsay Peterson

  43. Adeye,
    I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for you! Our new son on the way isn’t 14 or 14 pounds but it sounds like other than that our kiddos are a lot the same. Their bodies might not work but they are still made perfectly in God’s image. I really wished you lived closer!

    Thanks for giving me a chance to help you bring this beautiful, precious girl home! I donated and I can’t wait to see God’s people pull together to watch this miracle unfold.

  44. This is Elaine Farney and I just shared this link on my facebook! My husband and I are praying about how much to give to help rescue this precious daughter. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and for sharing your story! 

  45. Your journey has captured my heart.  We will be praying for expedited paperwork for you, for Faith’s health and for your journey to her.  Many blessings.  (We’ve donated and we’ll share on FB too!!)

  46. I contributed to the Chip-In! I’m very excited to see how this journey will unfold for your family! ~Alison K.

  47. CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new daughter!!!  We will miss seeing all of you this summer at the pool, but look forward to reading about your amazing adventures.

  48. I just shared this on my facebook page! I also tried donating but for some reason it wouldn’t let me use my debit card.  I will try again and leave another comment if it works.  Thank you for letting us be a part of bringing your precious daughter home!
    Lesley Larson

  49. What a beautiful thing you’re doing for that little girl and for all the people who will get to know her when she comes home! I am sharing your story in as many places as possible to get the word out! 

  50. Found your blog through a facebook friend, and couldn’t help but make a donation.  God bless your family!

  51. I donated through Project Hopeful. I hope I did it right. I chose Family in the Gap Program but put your name and cause in the comments. God bless you and your family. 

  52. I’ve been waiting every day to see what it was that was burdening you so heavily.  Thank you for following the will of the Lord.  I came across your blog from a link that a friend posted on Facebook and have been reading it ever since.  Your life is a challenge to our family!  God has been working in our hearts as well, and although we do not know what He has in store, we have already said Yes to whatever it is!  We will pray that you can bring this little treasure home soon!  

  53. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are doing this!! God bless you and your efforts! I am sharing this on facebook right now. I will also donate, but will post seperately when I have done so. LOVE LOVE LOVE your heart and your life! I wish your husband could talk to my husband about being open to adoption! Patience is not my strong suit!

  54. I made a donation to help bring Faith home. My name is Cara Green, but the PayPal will show my husband’s name, which is Greg, or possibly our old adoption fundraiser name of “tobefruitfulandmultiply.” God bless you guys. You surely have blessed me!

  55. I also shared this link on my facebook page. My name is Cara Green. May God bring every penny you need to get Faith home quickly!

  56. Hi, Adeye,
    I love your blog, your heart, your courage! I shared this entry on Face Book. I hope I am doing this right, to enter the drawing, I mean. My name is Jayme Osborn. Praying about how much to donate. My heart is stirred! Many, many blessings to your family!!!!!

  57. I’m sharing this my friend and will come back and donate after discussing with my hubby. I am in tears. Amazed at the love of the Father and amazed at your faith that inspires and encourages ME to trust Him MORE. Love, Holly (hollymac828@yahoo.com)

  58. I am unable to donate at this time  🙁  But I did share on facebook.  I cannot wait to see this angel in your arms!!  Love to you all  🙂

    Best regards,
    Tami Montilone

  59. Just donated and I’m about to share on facebook!  Prayers that your newest little one is in your arms soon!

  60. I donated.  Hope you can bring her home soon.  Veronica Osetinsky.  First initial last name @ gmail.com

  61. I donated at Chip In. (Ashley Browning), but my paypal will have Info@littleluvletters.com.  I’m sorry I missed the donation time as I would have loved to have donated one of my hand stamped necklaces like once before!  Best wishes and I can’t wait to see how quickly you raise the finances to go get your girl!  I’m sure it will be a matter of days!

  62. Congrats on your new daughter. I am excited for your growing family! I made a donation (via Chip-In) towards your adoption.

  63. AMAZING!!  God is using your family in such an inspirational way!  Thank you for listening to His voice.  I just posted on my fb account about your blog and left the link as well.  I will be donating to your chip in, but I want to talk it over with my hubby first!  I feel privileged to be able to watch you walk this journey! 

  64. I donated at Chip In (Ashley Browning or Little Luv Letters…not sure what will show up via Paypal.)  So excited to watch the funds skyrocket over the next few days!  Can’t wait to read about your journey to your girl. Best wishes!

  65. Adeye
    Wow!  I am blown away by your dedication and love for the orphan!!  Glad to be supporting you in a small way.
    Much love and many prayers,

  66. Adeye we are praying for you and made a donation.  Hope we can add another donation soon.  I want to help with whatever you need. 

  67. Congratulations to you and your family.  She is beautiful.  I donated.  Gretchen Gillette

  68. SOOO EXCITED for what our Father has in store for you in bringing this daughter home!!!! I donated….

  69. I donated. I am amazed at the love of our Savior! I will be praying for you all!
    Rebekah Robinson

  70. I also shared on Facebook as my status. Hopefully this will help bring more people to your site and closer to your princess!
    Sheri Holthe

  71. Adeye, 
    I chipped in, mentioned on FaceBook,and on Twitter. My computer froze up right after I contributed. I hope this is the correct place to post this.So happy for y’all! You’ll have to keep us up to date on all the happenings. I’m curious why there seems to be a rash of kids from B in this emaciated & uncared for state. You’ll be in my prayers!Julie

  72. My prayers for a quick homecoming for your little Faith and for the help the children left behind will need. God Bless you both.

  73. My name is Baylea Osborn. I have shared your story on twitter, google+ and on my blog because one day I know I’ll have people rally around me and help me bring my children home. 

  74. I have donated to your princess. We will also be praying that she knows soon that she has someone that loves her!
    Sheri Holthe

  75. I have shared on FB,  so excited for Faith, and for your family!! Praising God for his mercy and grace for Faith, and for your open heart and obedience in listening to His words to you. Can’t wait to hear more about Faith’s journey home and how she is doing! My name is Jenna-Prather Goss, friend of Rebekah Robinson. God bless you!

  76. Congratulations on the new love in your life!  I’m so excited to watch her bloom and flourish with her family!  I donated today and can do more on paydays through May.  Peace and blessings to you!  Jen Sampson 

  77. I’ve shared your blog post on my facebook!  Thank you for social media – what a way to get the word out quickly!  Can’t wait to see what God does!!

    Audrey Curran

  78. GLADLY donated!  God bless you in this incredible journey of faith.  Your testimony speaks volumes to me.  Praying you along the way…

  79. WOW!  What a giveaway!  What a DESERVING cause!!!  I posted on my facebook status about it.  :o)

  80. Your family is such an inspiration to us! May God richly bless you on your journey. 
    I just donated to your chip in. I pray for God to open doors of speed to rescue Faith soon! 

  81. I also shared your post with all my friends on Facebook. Praying God will bless this fundraiser by multiplying dollars into hundreds and thousands! 

  82. Just shared this on my FB as well……you are going to get this precious little girl and I can’t wait to read the updates!

  83. A friend on facebook had posted some of your blogs many months ago and I’ve been following it ever since. God has used it to open my eyes. At this time in our lives we can’t adopt but God freed up our finances in an unexpected way and He has been prompting me to use that blessing to help these children. God bless you. 

  84. Praising God that another precious life is being redeemed!!!
    I donated and am believing God with you that the ransom for
    Faith’s life will come quickly!
    Trina Walton

  85. I donated and wish you joy! I am so happy for Faith and your family! I look at her picture and get teary because I know that Love is coming for her <3 ~Michelle Vivino

  86. I donated as soon as I saw your post.  My eyes are open to see the whole truth.  Thank you for caring and for sharing with so many.  Gods grace is always enough. 

  87. I just shared your link on Facebook. May God continue to richly bless you and your wonderful family! Jennifer Grief

  88. I can also add to the giveaway… a Mary Kay gift basket of sorts. How do I get you the details and photo? – Melissa

  89. That’s awesome that you are going to adopt her 🙂  I have shared this on facebook. Just to let you know, I was unaware of your post as it did not come up on my blog list in my blog, until my mum told me about it.

  90. Donated to Chip-In. Praying for your precious family that you would have peace, perseverance, hope, and joy throughout this journey! We are excited to see How he moves! 

    Mike and Lindy Waskosky

  91. Hi, I donated and shared on FB and Twitter.  Good luck on your journey to your beautiful daughter!

  92. My wife and I follow your blog (mostly my wife telling me what is going on). I think it is great what you are doing! Praise the Lord. Some day we hope to adopt as well! We are praying for you!

    Mike Waskosky

  93. You are the luckiest mom alive right now!  Your heart is so full of love and you have the support of an equal man.  When I first saw your daughter, last year, my heart longed to bring her home, too, but it was never a reality, as a single person, that I could undertake, but your little darling has been on my mind and in my prayers all this time.  When I came to your blog, from a link on another blog, I was THRILLED to see that she has a family!  I am so eager to follow your journey.  I will support you!

  94. Hi Adeye –

    Your post did not show up on my Google reader.   Just wanted to let you know in case you aren’t getting the response you were expecting (ha!  206 comments.  who am I kidding?)   You guys bravery and surrendered-ness astounds me.  

  95. thank you so much for sharing your story and blessing us with the opportunity to help your part of our Savior’s Kingdom work.  our family is praying for you!!

  96. I just shared on my Facebook page, business page, and Twitter! I hope the word spreads like wildfire to help this precious child!

  97. I shared your post on Facebook and will post separately for my donation. It is a true pleasure to support you in your calling to bring your daughter home. May God bless your efforts. Staci Bolton

  98. I just made a donation.  So happy to be able to help you and your growing family.  Congratulations!!!!

  99. Praying for Faith today! I shared her story on my facebook page, and I will be donating very soon!

    Julie Hurlburt

  100. I can donate as well… Mary Kay products. Not sure exactly what yet, but I’ll pull something nice together. Let me know how to go about doing that. – Melissa 

  101. Blessed to donate through your chip-in. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this exciting opportunity for Faith and your family! May God richly bless your fundraising efforts. 

  102. Congratulations Adeye! This is wonderful news. What an amazing journey the Lord has planned for sweet Faith.
    I have made a donation 🙂 
    Maria Falvo

  103. I shared on my FB, and on a local sci fi convention’s FB page (we did an informal survey a few years ago and out of 1000 attendees we have 24 regular attendees/staff with CP, including me.)

  104. Adeye I am so thrilled for your family and for precious little Faith who is already a part of your family. I bet God has a huge smile on His face and tears in His eyes that you and Anthony said, “Yes.” What a blessing!
    Just shared on my facebook page.

    Laura Couch

  105. and I donated.  I cant chip in much, as we are paying for our own darling son’s adoption right now.  But I know each penny adds up!

  106. oh Adeye and Anthony!! We are so humbled and amazed at the way you are stepping out in faith to take this lamb to your home.  What a precious child of God!  Thank you for allowing our family to donate to your family to help you bring her home.  We donated through the Chip-In that you set up.  Will continue to pray for your family!
    Blessings from Indiana!
    Scott and Patti Olthoff

  107. Donated!  I wish I could have given more but we too are in the process of adopting our little girl. God bless you all! You have such a beautiful family!  

  108. I donated all that I could, this child should not have to lie one more nanosecond in Pleven. I can’t wait to see her life blossom and she become the child she was meant to be!

  109. Heard about your amazing story thru facebook and donated. God’s richest blessings as you move forward!
    Paul Waldschmidt

  110. Oh my word. Blessings to you and your family. I donated via Chip In and posted on my facebook page. We have 2 biological chilren, 1 adopted, and 1 foster child. It is not easy. Nothing worth doing for The Lord ever is. Go girl! Bless you!

  111. I shared your little Faith via Facebook and I cannot wait to watch your chip-in climb in the weeks to come!!
    Blessings from Indiana
    Patti Olthoff

  112. I donated.. wish I could do more. Congratulations on your new daughter. I will be praying for quick travel. I know you can’t wait to hold her in your arms & bring her home! God bless this beautiful child, you & your entire family! Debra Hearington

  113. I donated all that I could. I can’t wait to see Faith out of her prison and into a life full of love and possibilities. I can’t wait to watch her blossom and be all that she was meant to be.

  114. Just donated on the ChipIn for this precious, darling daughter the Lord has placed in your hearts.  We will be praying for a super speedy process to get her home, the courage and strength that only the Lord can give.  My heart aches for her so much, but I am so joyful at the same time, hopeful for her future full of unconditional love and care.  God showed us how to humble ourselves a bit (okay, a lot) and asked for help on our daughter’s behalf to get her home.  We are blessed to be a part of bringing your daughter home.  Praise be to Him!  Look how much He has provided in half a day!!    –Jeunesse Nageotte

  115. I shared on Facebook!!  And will most definitely be donating after payday!!  I’m so SO happy for your new blessing!! So happy she finally gets to feel the love of a family, after 14 excruciating years. The poor sweet love, my heart is breaking. 

  116. What an honor it is to donate and share this to help your family bring home their daughter!  Following your blog is such an inspiration to me.  Your love for the Lord is so evident in your writing.  I cannot wait to see Faith brought home to your family and to see the changes that faith, hope, and love will do to her life.  So wonderful to see what is happening with the Pleven orphanage–my heart was filled with joy reading Katie bird’s story and what is being exposed there–no doubt that their faith helped to bring you to your Faith.  God bless Adeye!!

  117.  As others have said. . .How could I not!  Thanks for sharing your heart with us!  Praying for you and your sweet little girl. 
    I donated!
    Lisa Rockensock

  118. Wow Adeye! So many emotions going through my head right now. I’m just so in awe. I wish so badly my husband would see how this is my path. This is what I was meant to do. But alas, he has not and most likely, will not, so instead my path is to donate and advocate in what little way I know how. I cannot wait to read about your first meeting and most importantly about the day she is free and with her family. I’m so thankful there are people like you and your husband who see the worth in these children AND act on it. I have donated financially with a happy heart!!
    Denise Godwin

  119. I also shared your blog post of Facebook. I can’t wait to hear that you are about to travel! Blessings to you! Debra Hearington

  120. I just shared on FB as well. Here’s hoping it brings you LOTS of money to not only bring Faith home, but also to provide much needed items for the rest of the children still living in that hell.
    Denise Godwin

  121. Just donated and shared on Facebook. I will be praying for your family and your sweet daughter. May she bless you beyond all imagination. God is faithful in all of His promises!

  122. Just donated and shared on Facebook. I will be praying for your family and your sweet new daughter. May she bless you beyond all imagination. God is faithful to His promises!

  123. Donated!  We adopted from Russia 4 years ago and have a med frag/special needs child adopted in the US & pray we have another trip to EE in our future – until then we hope to support families that are currently adopting – God bless your family and hurry home Faith!!

  124. Hi again!  Also shared on Facebook & Twitter!! I pray you are fully funded quickly so all you have to worry about is bringing Faith home! blessings to you all!

  125. Love your family’s heart for the “least of these” and your unconditional love that encircles them, one at a time, as God leads.  So inspirational and motivating~  May your influence on the body of Christ increase exponentially!  His best to you!  (I tried to help by posting you on my FB page!)  BLESSINGS and JOY to you all!

  126. She is so beautiful. I donated to your chipin and am praying for God’s protection until you can bring her home.

  127. We’ve donated, but most importantly we’re praying for you, your family and sweet little faith.  What an amazing God we serve.  He has been busy breaking down walls!  Blessing to you Adeye! 

  128. Shared your incredible story with my friends on Facebook.  May many more join forces with your family!

    Sara Eriksen

  129. I donated. I love seeing how many children are gradually being rescued from Pleven, and I hope your journey with Faith is as joyous as Katie’s journey.

  130. We just donated- found your blog from a friend’s link on facebook.  May God bless you and your family and sweet Faith!  
    Bethany Dufilho

  131. Hello Salem Family!  What an excitng post to read today and find that once again you are being a light to one more of these beautiful children.  Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to be able to join with you in helping to bring Faith home.

    Warmest Blessings,

    Sara Eriksen

  132. Praying for your journey to miss Faith!!  And praying the
    paper process is super duper speedy!!!   You and your family have
    been an inspiration to me as I was led to your blog when you were adopting
    Hailee and Harper.  We are in countdown mode to bring our daughter Faith
    home in less than 10 days from China.  I certainly wanted to help and am praying you
    get all you need to pay the ransom to quickly bring your daughter home.
    Many blessings to your family and I can’t wait to
    follow you to bring your daughter home. 

  133. Okay, have also donated. You are rocking this fundraiser!! May GOD bless the rest of your journey to Faith!

  134. Getting ready to put some more $ in the mail. Having a fundraiser on April 28. Will post on facebook closer to the date. Shared on my page. PRAYING PRAYING CRYING PRAYING… I love you…

  135. Also just shared on facebook.  Praying that you receive all that you need and more so you can bring home Faith so quickly!
    Bethany Dufilho

  136. Just donated and hope you will raise the total amount you need quickly to bring Faith home!  Thank you for allowing all of us to have a part in helping Faith come home to her family!

  137. I donated and shared your story via facebook. I know that God will provide for your family to bring Faith home!

  138. Read, Cried, Prayed, Donated, Shared, Cried.  Thank you for bringing little Faith in my life today.  If, however, I am chosen as a winner, please keep the item for your family or sell it if you need the money.  Just love that precious child.  Thank you and Bless you.

  139. How long do we have?  I just had two children (ages 8 and 2) unceremoniously dumped into my lap, and the littlest one has exactly three outfits and two sleepers to his name, not to mention the cost of diapers and wipes and doctor copays and soooo many things I didn’t realize I didn’t have to spend money on when it was just me and the 12 year old… I actually have to go to a Free Store tomorrow to get clothes for the baby… but once we get on track I would really like to donate.  I’ll share too, those are awesome prizes, I hope a ton of people participate and that value multiplies itself time and time again.  I’m so glad to hear that little girl has a family coming for her… when I read about her on Shelley’s blog, my heart broke all over again, and it has been broken for the children of Pleven since December.  I prayed that she was available for adoption and that she wouldn’t have to be alone much longer.  Those prayers have been answered.  A dedicated, experienced adoptive mom and dad are going to get her.  Praise Him!

  140. Ooops. Just read that I was supposed to comment seperately for posting and donating. I posted.

  141. Adeye, the other comment can be our “posted” comment, and this one our “donated” comment.  Praising God and watching Him move this mountain!!!! 

  142. God bless you.  I hope my small donation helps you take one more step towards your daughter.  Elizabeth Clabaugh

  143. I have shared this on my facebook wall and will continue to do so till you’ve reached your goal. Here’s to hoping sweet Faith gets to come home in record time! I make jewelry, nothing fancy, but let me know if you do another giveaway, I’d love to donate!

  144. You said you were not gifted with eloquence but I thought your words were perfect. I was so moved by your willingness to follow our Lord’s call with reckless abandon as we are called to do. As a testament to how moved I was I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t know how to share a link on fb because I’d never come across anything I felt so important I was compelled to look up how. Your story, however, demanded action. May God bless you and overflow your cup with blessings as He daily strengthens you to accomplish His work. : ). I shared your link on fb & hope that many will be moved to action as I was.

  145. I just donated.  CONGRATULATIONS on your new daughter!  How exciting for your whole family!  I’m sure Harper will be happy to give her new sister as many hugs as she could possible desire:)

  146. I posted on Facebook.  My heart is so encouraged by reading your blog!  Thank you!  I’m beyond excited to watch the journey of Faith unfold. 

  147. Just donated.  All the best to you and your family.  I hope you bring this little one home soon.  Jennifer D.

  148. I donated! Great story! Great Journey , can’t wait to read the book! 😉
    I’m also posting on my facebook!

  149. I donated via the chip-in, not only to help you bring home your new daughter, but in the hope that her story will lead to even more children finding new homes.  This past Sunday, I was reminded that God is making all things new.  Oh, yet I long for Heaven! 
    Annette Coenen

  150. Just donated $100, Adeye.  I’m so excited to be able to witness God blessing your family with Faith, and watching Him raise her ransom.  After all you’ve done (and continue to do) to help others, it’s such a blessing to be able to help YOU!!!

  151. I am so very excited for your family.  You are a joy to follow and you are so inspirational.  God’s best as you rescue little Faith!!!  I donated…. Nikole Brunner

  152. I donated.  I’m so happy for your family and for that sweet girl.  Sending prayers you’ll be able to get there quickly and that she’ll stay safe and healthy until you do!

  153. I’ve shared this amazing lovestory on my facebook-page!

    Much love,

    Annerieke Berg
    The Netherlands

  154. I’ve just made a donation with the chip-in by paypal!!
    It is so great and impressive to see God work!!
    I can picture ‘Faith’ in your arms already 🙂

    Much love,

    Annerieke Berg

  155. Thank you for answering His call.  Humbled to be a part.  Donating through Chip-In was simple.  Prayers for your continuing journey

  156. I shared on my Facebook page…..praying for the resources to pour in for the others in Plevin as well.  Grace and peace to you.

  157. Oh Adeye, I’m so happy for your family.  I told Eric last night, that I was just waiting for this post, I just knew this time it would be your family growing!  Congratulations!  I can’t wait to see this miracle unfold.  I donated.    Antoinette Chao

  158. Chipped-In & Shared on FB… sandra yoong-chia… also praying for all of you & i thank God for wonderful people such as yourselves who are so open to being a blessing to the ones who need it the most… May our Lord bless you richly & provide for everything you need…

  159. Love your heart, praying for your precious daughter, I donated with chip in.

    Sherry French
    Sherpuck at gmail dot com

  160. So happy to help you bring home this beautiful little girl, Adeye!  I just made a contribution with love,
    Susan B.- Cleveland OH

  161. WOW!!!!  i’m so excited adeye!!!  i have folowed your family for years and am so stinkin’ excited!!!  this child is going to an AWESOME family!!!!


  162. I donated.

    I will be praying for faith and your family as you work towards bringing her home!

  163. Praise God for your willingness to surrender. Excited to watch your “Faith”ful story unfold.

  164. I cried reading about Faith’s life thus far and I cried reading that you were bringing her into your family. Wow – congratulations! I pray that it happens quickly and peacefully. Donated.

  165. My husband and I are adopting for the first time and I have said again
    and again- it is amazing how when you open yourself up to God’s will, he
    shows up and reveals blessings we would not otherwise have come to know.  I believe that by opening
    yourself up to God’s will for this girl- your daughter!- you will see
    God working and moving like you would not have otherwise.  What a
    blessing that will be!  We donated.   – Jillian (Bos) Burden

  166. Just contributed to your chip in.  Wish we could do more, but we are in the process of adopting #11, and are crunching for $ ourselves!  God bless you!

  167. Donated!  Congratulations on your beautiful daughter.  Many prayers for her health and a quick journey home!

  168. WOW!  It is amazing to see GOD working thru you and your family!  We are currently fundraising to adopt 2 from Ethiopia, and we are so encouraged and inspired by people like you!  I made a donation, and we are looking forward to hearing the rest of the story, how GOD provides and the miracle HE will do in Faith’s life!
    Many Blessings!!
    T Dressler and family

  169. Wow, I am so soooo moved by your blog post.  I just stumbled across it from a link a contact posted on FB and I am blown away by Faith’s story.  How did she survive?!!  God surely has a plan for her life, and I will be donating to your fund as soon as I can find my US Bank Card (I’m British and live in the UK!)  We have 3 kids who are still very young, but since we first married my husband and I have always said that when the Lord speaks to us we will adopt too (we are missionaries so move around a lot).  I look forward to reading more about your family and all your precious children.  Much love from the UK (I’ll be re-posting your blog so hopefully some of my UK friends will donate too. xxx

  170. Heartbroken after reading about Faith, there was no choice but to donate to your noble calling. I hope you can hold her in your arms so soon! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

  171. I donated via the chip-in, not only to help you bring home your new daughter, but in the hope that her story will lead to even more children finding new homes.  This past Sunday, I was reminded that God is making all things new.  Oh, yet I long for Heaven! 

    Annette Coenen

  172. Widely shared. Will donate as well but the chip in does not seem to be working. I cant wait to see pictures of Faith  in your arms. Jeanie Erwin

  173. WOW! This is so exciting.  I am so thrilled for little Faith and how amazing it will be for her to be held, cherished and adored by a whole family!  I have donated and can’t wait to read more and finally see pictures of her with you all!
    PEI, Canada

  174. I donated on chipped in. I can’t stop crying. Your are an amazing women. Thank you for all you do. 

    Laura Liske

  175. Adeye and precious family, God bless you B I G as you enfold beautiful Faith into your family.  Being a very small part of the journey with you in this way is my blessing.  I donated and didn’t even look at the enormous list of prizes.  Faith is the prize.  What an honor to help with her rescue.  I just know God is going to raise this ransom.  It will be wonderful to watch it unfold, and hear and read your account as you bring her home.  What sweet words, home.

    Praying for MORE than all you’ve dared to ask for or imagined for you all.
    His grace and Peace,
    Sara Silburn

  176. Just donated and SO overjoyed to do so! You are always advocating for others Adeye and I am more than happy to advocate for you now! God is doing SUCH big things through you, I love following your journey!

  177. I am so thankful to have found your blog and been able to donate. I will be thinking of you and your family and praying for you!

  178. Your post makes me very quit…………..

    I donated because I wan’t Faith to see the sun, feel the rain and experiences lot’s and lot’s of love that your family is going to give her.

  179. I shared on Facebook & Twitter. Donation on it’s way via mail. Praying Faith comes home soon & safe. 

  180. Donated and shared on facebook! Your family is amazing and Faith will be so blessed to be added to it!

  181. Praising God for your daughter and the work your family is doing.  I donated and am excited to hear more about this journey as you continue in it.

  182. Chipped in !!!  Hope you guys get what you need soon!!!  Praying for grace and strenght from God!!!

  183. I can only hope and pray that my small donation can in some way help bring this precious angel home to her forever family!  God Bless You!

  184. I am so happy to read that Faith has a family and a home waiting for her.  I made a small donation to help in your adoption proceedings.  

  185. May love and blessings continue to rain down on your family and your new daughter.  We donated this morning.  -Keith and Susan G

  186. Shared on Facebook last night.  I am so thrilled for all of you and little Faith!  God works in wonderful ways and you and Anthony continue to show us how, each and every day!
    Julie Foreman

  187. Donated.  Praying this little girl can already feel the love that surrounds her as you continue on your journey to bring her home!  God Bless you.  Julie Foreman

  188. Just donated!  Thankful to be able to contribute!  Thanking God for you and your beautiful family…

  189. Adeye, you have changed my life since I have started reading your blog (right before you brought home your girls).   I am happy to donate as a thank you for bringing more compassion into my life than I ever thought possible.  Thank you for changing me for the better!!!! 

  190. I have followed your blog for a long time but never commented before but I am so excited that you are going to adopt again. And that you chose a little girl that so many would consider one of the least of these. I am praying for you and your family and have shared this link on my facebook page. We have been trying to adopt through the foster care system for four years and you have encouraged me many times when I felt ready to give up. We finally have two little girls placed with us that are headed toward being adoptable. And we feel so incredibly blessed to have them. God is good, and it is a blessing to have the priviledge to rescue a child. So few people seem to  understand this. God bless you ,  Amy Hershberger

  191. SO excited for this journey your family is about to take!  It is a joy to donate.
    Kim Shaw

  192. I shared on FB as well.

    I always hope that my one little post will stir the heart of someone else to help. I don’t know if it’s worked, but maybe if I keep trying, it will. And that’s all that matters to me. God Bless.

  193. I’ve contributed what I can to help you bring Faith home, and I only wish it could be more.
    I’ll add my prayers to those of the thousands of others who are begging our Father in Heaven to open doors, windows, and hearts to make this happen as soon as possible!

  194. Forgot to mention my twitter is Snowdancer86 – let’s try to get #freeingfaith trending to spread this more!

  195. Posted a link on Facebook… can’t help but notice the stark contrast between Faith’s photo and all of the other smiling faces I see posted by my contacts…. 

  196. What a joy to read that you are adding Faith to your family!  She will simply THRIVE when she gets home, I know it!  What a work the Lord is doing through you!  I donated and am sharing on Facebook. bornagainandproud(at) yahoo (dot com).

  197. I have read this a few times and every.single.time. get chills up and down my whole body!  Have and continue to be so blessed by the life you live!!  God’s greatest blessings on your family!  Donated and linked on fb!  Love to you all!!  ~Becky

  198. I am honored to donate toward your adoption.  I wish I could do more.  God bless you! Diane Brooks

  199. My name is Karen Harrison and our family just donated! We are in the middle of fundraising for our adoption as well and I know how overwhelming it can be, and how hard it is to ask for help! I am so excited to see where this journey takes you! 

  200. I just read your story from a friend’s link on FB.  Donated!  God bless Faith’s journey home! 

  201. I am also sharing on my facebook page and blog! Praying for your family and your new daughter to be home very soon!

  202. Donate.  Your story moves me.  One of my very own cousins came from deplorable circumstances in a Romanian orphanage over 21 years ago.  I will keep your beautiful daughter in my prayers as I will your family as you go through the process of bringing your daughter home. 

  203. i have shared your story and link on my blog here: http://waitingforpiper.blogspot.com/. i am truly inspired by your love for all children. you are helping to transform my heart from something others have found amazing, into something i know can do so much more than ever before. you have opened my eyes to the plight of children i didn’t even know existed, and stirring movement within me to do more for these valuable wonderful beautiful children. much love to you! -nicole o’donnell

  204. I shared on my twitter.  I honestly don’t have a lot of followers, but those who do follow are faithful prayer warriors.  Praying for you!

    Ellen Dominy in Texas

  205. I had to donate after reading your story. God Bless you as you take this little girl into your home.

  206. Thank you for hearing and responding to God’s call. I am in agreement with everything you said about each and every human life being precious.  I will be donating to your fund and will pray that you have the funds soon to bring your amazing miracle Faith home.  

  207. I donated again, my husbands doing this time. So exciting to see the amount going up.
    Amy Hershberger

  208. I donated. Isn’t it awesome when God is in control of finances? His Will, His bill!

    We are praying for you and your family!

    Marina St. Kitts

  209. Donated. My wife and I have been leading teams to Bulgaria to work with orphans, widows and street kids for many years through our ministry, isalt.org. We have met many children just like Faith, and are always praying that God would use us to do more. Thank you for honoring God in this way. You are in our prayers!

  210. I love your sweet family Adeye! I knew you would be called to be a mama to another deserving orphan, I did not know who or when but I have been waiting for this announcement.  So excited for all of you!

  211. Adeye, your blog has been such a tremendous blessing to me and has opened my eyes so much that it is an absolute honor to donate to help bring sweet Faith home! We’ll be praying. God bless!

  212. So grateful that the Lord has given me a little extra money so I could give it to you to bring her home. I send all my love, afforded to me through Christ, through my gift to precious little Faith.

  213. I’ll be so happy if my fb friends donate to help you because I shared Faith’s story on Facebook!

  214. I donated for your amazing cause.  God bless you and your family and thank you for being such an inspiration and truely giving your life to help others.  You, your family and precious Faith are in my prayers.  Thank you for saving her. 

  215. Shall money be not an obstacle for a goal like this, please take my small donation. She is beautiful, she is loved, we all cannot wait to congratulate her in HER OWN FAMILY! Dear Adeye and Anthony, I will pray for strength and courage for all of you!

  216. The Dale’s donated and are praying for you all.
    Praise God that Faith’s family are coming for her!

  217. Hey gal. It really awesome to see you heading into the area of adoption again. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in your family and in the life of this new child. I shared your link on our facebook page and am about to put it on our website as well. Our prayers are with you.

  218. We just donated! Love this post, love you guys, love your hearts! Thanks for letting us be a part of bringing your beautiful daughter HOME!

    Charity Hildebrand

  219. I donated what we could last night, and I’m loving watching the amount go up today as you get closer to the goal.  I’m praying you reach it before the end of the day.  🙂

  220. Hi Adéye and Anthony, so happy to hear your news! Love and hugs to all– just donated through Chip In. -Kim Keech

  221. I donated and have been praying for your little sweetie! May God give her strength until you can go save her and bring her home!

    God Bless,
    Angela Jackson

  222. Adeye, I am praying with you for this adoption process to go smoothly and that you will be freeing Faith SOON!  My heart is broken for her, but I know that our God is the Redeemer, the Healer, and the Lover of HER SOUL!  That he has protected her this long is a testament to his power and the amazing story he is writing with her!  I am so excited to see how the next chapter unfolds! 
    ~standing in HIS LOVE!

  223. Thank you for sharing your story. I donated and hope that you will be hoding Faith soon!
    Beth Baird

  224. Oh Adeye! I am hoping that the world, especially the orphanges and countries that place little value on human life, will see how our Father in Heaven loves these little ones so much that Faith’s ransom has been raised in just days!!! You are so close!!! Thank you, and Anthony and the little Salems for wanting Faith in your family!! Praying so hard for her safety and well-being while she waits. ((((GIANT HUGS))))!!!!!

  225. Adeye I knew you WAS NOT DONE adopting, God created you and your family to ADOPT and take care of HIS children.  Where he leads he will equip and make a way.  Just because you had more children than what the world considers standard of children I knew God would give you More.  You have been faithful with the ones He has given you and HE will use all those who are willing to be used as many times as they open their hearts to do so… I am thrilled for you and I did donate to your precious Faith Via pay pal. I pray God will take the Littles and the much and multiplies to make A WHOLE LOT. You will have All your money this week IN JESUS NAME I believe that with all my soul.  I cant wait to hear all the details of the whens and hows and ect.  Are they letting the other ones out so quick too?  We are very excited for you all.   A new child is awesome.  She is really precious that SMILE IS A MELTER…

  226. We just had the privilege of donating towards bringing your daughter home. We are also posting your story on our facebook page. Can’t wait to see pictures of her homecoming!!!

  227. I donated just now.  I hope you are able to get this little one home as quickly as possible.  

  228. Donated. Amazed that the giveaway hasn’t even been up 24 hours and God has already provided almost $20,000. So thankful to be a part of God’s miracle.

  229. sooooo blessed by the journey God has you on!!! i have been reading your story..passed on to my by Amy Brockhaus…who is adopting a little girl also…
    can’t wait to see the plans God has for sweet Faith and your family!
    you will be in our prayers!
    donated a little…wish it could be more….we are actually fighting for our little girls health right now…she has been sick for 6 months with a tick born illness and co-infections!!!
    sending hugs

  230. Just donated via Chip In. It has been exciting watching the amount grow so quickly, and we are happy to play a small part of helping you bring your daughter home. I cannot wait to watch her transform with the love and nurturing you and your family will provide. -nicole o’donnell

  231. Praising God for His provision of a family for this precious one!! May He strengthen and encourage you and take sweet care of Faith until (and far after) she is in your loving arms! I shared on Facebook and I’m talking to my husband about a donation. =) 

    Sacramento, CA

  232. i’ve made a donation to help you bring your daughter home..where she belongs. God speed and God bless you all

  233. =) And I just got the “thumbs-up” from my hubby to make a donation. So done!! Blessings to all of you!

    Sacramento, CA

  234. Adeye, you and your family are an inspiration!!  So happy make a donation to help you bring your daughter home quickly!  God Bless you!

    Jennifer Dummer

  235. God bless you. I can’t wait to see your girl Faith blossom the way darling Katie Musser does. Her life was given back to her and now she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen. Your Faith will amaze us all. I will pray for strength for you, and strength for Faith and for a quicker than imaginable adoption process.
    (And it really is a minuscule detail but I spent a good part of my afternoon thinking about what name starting with H-A you will give her…:-) I’m sure you have been given her name in your hearts already)

  236. Adeye… I have shared not only on facebook, but I am making flyers for Evan and Emma to hand out when we do the fundraiser. I love you. 

  237. Just donated. Wish we could do more, but we are adopting siblings from Bulgaria as well… almost done with dossier. God bless you and little Faith.

    –Cindy Abbott

  238. Just donated.  Wow, I can only imagine how flooded your inbox must be.  You will not have to worry about one penny of your adoption costs.  All your blessings for others is coming back to you tenfold.  I can’t wait to follow along and see her home with your family.  
    Lauren Evans  

  239. As this Plevin story unfolds, people like yourself are proving that humanity at its worst is no match for humanity at its best. I’m in awe and wish I could donate more.

    Leanne Petti

  240. Can’t wait til your new daughter is home in your arms.  God Bless you for all that you do.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your miracle!

  241. Just donated. I can’t believe how much the amount went up since just yesterday! Praying for you and your family’s journey. 

  242. Shared on my blog.  By the looks of it that orphanage is going to get cleared out in not time!

    Sasha from CA

  243. Hi Adeye (and Anthony)!  Thrilled to be able to donate to your adoption!  We are so blessed by our little Miss Polina.  Wish we could do more to thank you for your part in bringing her into our family.  

    fyi – Lizzy just saw your pic on Anthony’s page and said “Mrs. Salem is so cute!”  High praise from a 13 year old!!  

    Mary Bergman (and family)

  244. Praying for God to send the wind behind your back as you follow His call to this sweet precious girl.  I’ll be donating and praying.

  245. Adeye & Salem Family,
    I just chipped in – it will show up under wildtreemama, I think.  (It’s Laura Busch, otherwise.)  My prayers will continue to include Faith and your family’s journey to bring her home!  Blessings!

  246. I shared on fb (Star Kirby) and I want you to know I am praying for sweet Faith and for her new family!

  247. Hi, again!
    I am sending out an email blast, for Faith’s fundraiser, since I am a non-Facebooker.  I also sent out a request to a friend of mine that has a large blog and FB presence, so that she would post and spread the word.  Praying that it helps heaps.  Mountains are moving!  Hold on Faith, your family is coming!!!  (Laura Busch a.k.a. cinderellamommy/wildtreemama, but the kids just call me Mom. . . :))

  248. I’m so thankful that God sent a little “extra” my way, today, so I could pass it on to you! I gave and shared on facebook. I’m praying for your family and am thankful for the amazing testimony of being “yes” people you are living! Blessings!

  249. Adeye, I just donated $23 to round out whatever number it was currently at. Praise God for how those numbers are MOVING! I wonder if you’ll be at your goal by the end of this evening; I’ve never seen anything move like that! Praise God! I’ve forwarded the link to your blog to others as well to keep up the awareness, discussion and prayer! Blessings and joy, Leslie Bodkin (lesliejane@gmail.com)

  250. Always have loved following your blog and pray that I could have just a bit of the faith you live out loud. THANK YOU for always being willing to share. I wish I could donate more, but will lift up your daughter in my prayers. 

  251. I donated via the Chip-in.  God Bless you and may He speed through the paperwork and red tape to bring your newest daughter home soon!  Angel Nance

  252. Adeye, would you consider making your Chip-In open-ended instead of placing a $25,000 limit on it?  That way, people can continue to sow seed to help the kids in Pleven in an unlimited way.  God has no limit. Praising God as this miracle of giving unfolds!!!

  253. Just donated. Found your blog through my sister who’s waiting to adopt as well…am praying God will bring your little one home soon!

  254. I also shared on FB, in hopes that more people will SEE and PRAY and know what God is doing and hopefully some will feel led to learn more and adopt, too. 🙂

  255. Just donated. Such an amazing story and I can’t wait to see the redemption that God has planned for little Faith! Thank you for letting us all be a small part of her story!

  256. Our oldest son Joey has given some of his allowance to your daughter, he is excited to meet her and hold her too! Please add him to your drawing.

    Our family has donated as well.
    We send our love and prayers, we support your heart for the orphans.

  257. Just donated, such an amazing testimony of walking like Jesus walked, praying for Faiths health until you reach her.

  258. Donated. Filled with tears over hearing about this little girl. Thank you for all you do through your blog to bring the plight of orphans to light – and for sharing your authentic love for Christ. 

  259. Donated. I have serious God bumps watching the chip in rise! I am so excited for you and praying for your sweet family!! God Bless!!

  260. I donated. 

    I’d just like to make a quick comment. I’ve read your blog for a few years, because I followed your journey home with Harper and Hailee. I don’t always agree with everything you write. I am a Christian, but you and I have very, very different beliefs on a variety of issues. I’m not conservative in any way, let’s just say that much. All of that said, I’m overcome with respect for you and your family. That you would embark on this journey to adopt this little girl, no matter what, is awe-inspiring and commendable. Congratulations on your new daughter, and I will keep her and you all in my prayers. 

  261. Anthony and Adeye, I can’t wait to follow your adoption journey for precious Faith. It looks like finances won’t be an issue 😀
    I donated through the chip-in.
    Love in Christ,

  262. I also posted this on my FB wall. I hope your donations exceed your needs so you can bring more blessings to the orphanage in Plevin.

  263. I donated- quite delightedly!  What a privilege to be a part of bringing this treasure home!  May God bless you all and speed the process to get her into your arms!  Also will pray for her as she waits for you.  Marcia

  264. I donated and feel blessed to be part of helping to bring Faith home!


    P.S. Shortly after reading your post about Faith yesterday, I heard this on the radio and thought of your family instantly!

    From “Live Like That” by Sidewalk Prophets:

    Was I love When no one else would show up Was I Jesus to the least of those Was my worship more than just a song
    I want to live like that And give it all I have So that everything I say and do Points to You

  265. YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!! I knew God was up to something with your family, and I was wondering if you would adopt again. Congratulations!! This SO exciting!! Congratulations!!I am so looking forward to seeing God’s work in your family! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for letting us all have a front row seat to God’s amazing work through your blog. What a blessing!!

    I donated. Honestly, how could I not?!?

  266. And I shared on Facebook!

    So, what is your ACTUAL fundraising goal? How much are you hoping to raise for the other orphans?

  267. I am praying for you and for sweet Faith!  I just donated…thankful to be a part of this incredible journey in a small way.  Your courage is astounding!  
    Christina Felten

  268. We have donated to your beautiful cause and will be praying for you and your family as you prepare to bring Faith home… what an amazing and inspiring story of God’s love for each of us.  When I think of all the adopted children I know (including our 3), it always blows me away when I realize that God himself sees each of them in their great need and moves mountains and hearts and time and space to rescue them and place them into families… I can never, ever get enough of stories like this.  May God bless you and little Faith!

  269. Adeye – Just donated and posted a link to my fb.  You and Anthony will be in our prayers.  We speak of you often.  The Lord used you both to impact our lives.  Fully surrendered, and living full out for the Lord – it’s the only way to go!!

  270. I made another donation – I thought I better do it quick while I had the chance! You should be pretty impressed that you can raise this money in two days – this put a big smile on my face. 

  271. I will be sharing this story on my FB.

    I AM SOOO THRILLED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tears are running down my cheeks because I SOOO LOVE YOUR FAITH IN HIM!!!!!!!!!!  What a perfect name!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOUR HEART!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praying God would bring the money, would provide the peace, and HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know HE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooo stinking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Excited that she now has a family!!!!!!!!!!!!  And even more excited for you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whew……just a tad thrilled 😉

  272. Oh dear…there I go….not following instructions- this is Dawn Wright 🙂  and I just shared on FB….sorry my last comment didn’t have my name.  

  273. Just donated….just thrilled we can help you get closer to your daughter!!!!!!!!  Dawn & Jason Wright 🙂

  274. I look forward to reading that Faith is home with her family.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of bringing your daughter home.I wish I could have given more.

  275. We just donated and we just shared on facebook.  You are a precious family!!!  God has called you to this and He will provide for all your needs.

    -Aaron and Jennifer Santor

  276. Donated through Chip In and posting on my Facebook.  I am so, so very happy for Faith and your family.  God bless you all!

  277. Wow. God is good. You are truly an inspiration. How could I not donate after reading this story? The donation might be under my husband’s name Philippe. 

  278. Adeye – I “chipped in” and left a comment but forgot to leave my name.  Here it is… Lisa Dace

  279. I’m so glad to hear that Faith will have you guys to rescue her! I’ve donated on the Project Hopeful website (#2EA95188HL100623Y, Jaimie Goeble).

  280. Thank you for your willingness to rescue Faith!  I just donated through the Chip-in.   Your family is an amazing testimony of God’s grace and love.  You are in my prayers!

  281. I just contributed via ChipIn– what a joy it is to be a part of this!  “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or
    imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the
    church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and
    ever! Amen.”

  282. So I just read your entry about your new daughter congratulations.  I also wanted to tell you a story, about my sister.  She was born two weeks late, and was a “blue baby”  By the time she was 7 months she was having grand mal seizures at least 4-5 a day.  The doctors told my mom she would be a living vegetable, find her a comfortable chair and put it in front of the tv.  My mom didn’t listen, neither did our family.  It took her extra time, but she learned to walk, and feed herself, and get into lots of trouble!(Like decorating the kitchen with toilet paper from the bathroom)  Though she has been with Jesus for 7 years now, I will always remember the lesson she taught me.  With faith, patience and love, anything is possible.

  283. Just donated.
    May God continue to bless you and keep you as you do His mighty work by loving these precious children. You and your family are in my prayers.

  284. donated by rosborn66@yahoo.com   Tina Osborn  This is how Gods people should do it. All it takes is for everyone to just give what they can.So glad Gods has allowed me to be able to help.We will be keeping you all in our prayers,Hoping one day this can be us

  285. W O W!  At the beginning of the day I knew I would be blessed to look at your Chip-In at the end of the day, and see the number exceed the total needed.  I am so thrilled for your family (which includes dear Faith) and for all the children of Pleven.  What a testimony to a God who moves people’s hearts when a daughter like you steps out in humble faith…for Faith.  I will so go to sleep with a smile of great joy and happiness in my heart and on my face.  Thank you for letting us all be part of this and watch it unfold.  I hope you soak in God’s provision and bask in His love tonight.

  286. Congrats to your family on your Faith! 
    Thank you for sharing your journey and sending prayers for a smooth path to bring her HOME!   Can’t wait to hear more and see what HE has in store!

  287. Just shared on facebook.  Wishing you a very smooth adoption process to get that sweet baby home!

  288. You and your family are such an inspiration. We just donated and look forward to reading all about how Faith is thriving under your loving care. I’m sure she will grow by leaps and bounds. Bless you for the important work you are doing! (And if you are trying to think of a new name that matches the “H” names of your other daughters, I think “Hope” would be perfect. Because you are giving her such hope for her future.)

  289. I just shared the link to your blog entry on facebook. May God richly bless you as you embark on the rescue of this precious little one.

  290. We shared on Facebook – thank you for allowing the Family of God to be a part of Jesus’ rescue mission for this sweet girl. 

  291. I Zoomed in my contribution via chip in.  I know every dollar will get you a mile closer to your little girl and a moment faster.  I will pray for you, your family and this precious child that truly does need her family to come to her rescue.  Gods Speed!!!  <3

  292. I am in in Awe with you! I have been following your blog and keeping up with how much love has been poured out to your family on the RR fb group.  This is so Awesome!! not only are you fully funded but hearts and eyes are being opened! Praise God!!!!

  293. Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings flow…..thanks for the opportunity to share in this beautiful en devour.  Blessed to be able to help.  Put on facebook — and hoping the “ripple effect” will keep occurring over and over and over and GOD’s story keeps being heard!

  294. I am not surprised at all, and I am honored to support your family as you continue your obedience to the One who adopted us all!

    I donated — may the donations continue to pour in, I know you will do great things should the funds go above and beyond the initial need.  Praying for Faith, and for all the precious children He is watching over until their ransom is paid and they are brought home.

  295. How could I not help you guys out?  What a miracle you are performing!

    Made a donation at chip-in. 🙂

    Jennifer Pelzer

  296. I just donated and shared on my facebook page!  this is one of the best things I have read in a long time.  I have a daughter from China and a biological son with CP.  God bless you and your family she is one lucky girl!  I am thrilled to read this story!!!

  297. I’m so glad to be apart of this HUGE God story Adeye. Just donated. And I know God’s gonna write an amazing story out of her life. To Him be ALL the GLORY. love you and your family

  298. I am so happy that you are adopting again.  You are such an amazing family!  We live in Colorado too, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  Shared on facebook

  299. YAY! Rejoicing tht the ransom has been raised! Go bring her home Salems! Crying Praying Crying Praying that yet another has been rescued! I KNOW He will do something beautiful out of this life. Her story will speak of her Great Physician and Redeemer!

  300. Donated. You are doing such a wonderful thing. I’ll be following your blog to see how everything works out. Get this girl home!

  301. We pray that God will continue to fill you and family with courage and love. May Faith feel the tangible presence of God surrounding her, as she waits for your arms to bring her the freedom, and love that has been rightfully hers since the moment of her conception.

    Go in faith and peace!
    Rashelle Kincaid

  302. We pray that God will continue to over flow to your family much courage and love. Freedom and love have been rightfully hers since the moment she was conceived.  May Faith feel the tangible presence of Father God, as she awaits her freedom day! God’s presence has been preparing Faith for your arms of love and freedom.

    Go in faith and peace!
    Rashelle Kincaid

  303. Grateful for this oppurtunity in donating to get Faith home. 
    And honored to also have shared on Facebook!

  304. Brilliant – you guys simply rock!!

    Donation made – Dave Ausdenmoore should show up on paypal! It just took me a second to dry my tears!

    hugs – Godspeed –

    aus and co.

  305. A blog lurker coming out of the wood work to support your amazing family.  I have been blessed by your heart, stories, and commitment to living a life after Christ.  Thank you for your example.  I have donated to bringing Faith home through chip in!

    Jen Spica

  306. I just donated thru ChipIn.  What a blessing to be able to be a small part of this effort to rescue these precious babies.

  307. God is so good…giving hope in just a smile from one of his precious children.  I’ve just donated and will be praying for miracles during your journey.

  308. I posted on my FB account.  Also, I would like to send my $ to you in the mail.  Is there a way I can do that?  you can email me here: teamgile at  hotmail  dot   com

    Blessings to you and all you do.  Awesome!!!
    Sue Gile

  309.  We are in the process of adopting two children with special needs so finances are tight around here.  I had $5.00 left in my paypal account so I sent it your way.  Praying God continues to multiply the blessings. 

  310. Adeye, I love you with all my heart! Praying for a speedy process so you can bring that sweet girl home!!! Just chipped in!

  311. It has been amazing to watch the outpouring of love for Faith today. Your family is a beautiful example of God’s love and grace! Thank you for letting us all play a little part in raising the ransom to bring your daughter HOME! 

  312. This is the first time that I could get on a PC to see how much money had been raised! (I cannot see ChipIn on my iPad for some reason).  How exciting!  I love seeing God in action, and I cannot wait to “watch” you meet your new princess :).  Also, I donated.

  313. I donated Adeye. Am thrilled to follow your journey to Faith and back and all the rest of it! 🙂  Wept through your post. Is there a way to find out what other orphans need to/can be adopted from that specific orphanage?  Thanks!

  314. Sharing on my adoption blog.  No where on earth will you find more compassion then in an adoptive mother’s heart.  I wish you all the best!  I get the feeling Faith is going to bring much joy and life to this world.  <3 coming her way. 

  315. Posted a link to your blog and contest to my readers on both of my blogs… 🙂



    Jennifer Pelzer

  316. facebook’d and Twittered it too!! I cant stop clicking refresh to watch the chip in go up!!

  317. It is shocking that in this day in age, living in a country of abundance, that children are being left to die because they are “not perfect” in the eyes of others.  I know first hand how beautiful and blessed are those that God’s creates in special way.  I was happy to donate to chip-in and more happy to be able to pray for your family and new daughter.

    Dianne Whiteman

  318. Then sings my soul my Savior God to Thee.  How Great Thou Art.

    Went to sleep thinking about Faith.  Woke up praying for her, too.  

    We linked in.  We walk together with you and yours, til we see His face! 

  319. Another mother standing in FAITH with you!  Much love and many prayers on this journey of love, I am honored to donate.  <3

  320. Thank you for sharing Faith’s story with us.  I am in awe of what you are doing! What a testimony your family will be for God’s kingdom!  

    I happily donated to help deliver Faith to your family 😉

  321. Wow!  Just donated, and our hearts are moved to do more.  Thank you for allowing  us to help.  Praying for her and others there.

  322. I made a donation through the chip in fund this morning.  Best to you in this wonderful thing you are doing, both for Faith and for the other children who will also benefit.  My name is Suzanne Damstedt

  323. Hello from Canada!  Praying for you guys and also donated!  Hang in there…God has a wonderful plan!!  Blessings, Edward Gerk

  324. Donated: Wendy Henry
    Thank you for opening my eyes today!! Your heart is BEAUTIFUL, truly a servants’ one.

  325. Shelley’s story brought me to tears! I am so thankful Faith has a family! I donated for Faith and the children of Pleven and will pray!

  326. So incredibly moved. Thank you for your action, from the bottom of our hearts. We are not able to go and move right now, but we can help and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to give. 

  327. Shared on facebook too and praying that many others become aware of the injustice and move to fight, act, and pray! 

  328. I’ve just donated! I got chills as I read this post. I’m so happy for her and for your family. Your blog has been a light into darkness for a lot of little lives that no one even knew existed. I’ve watched babies you’ve cried for, become adopted and thrive in new families over the past almost 2 years. How could I not give to YOUR adoption. Albeit not much, but I wanted to do something. When my mind still cannot even wrap around the thought that these children weigh the same as infant babies… but what I have seen is miracles unfold… like Katie. I can’t wait to see Faith become healthy and find out what love is. God bless you!!

  329. Donated, was so moved by your post and cannot keep this little girl out of my mind. Praying that her transition into your house is full of blessings and happens quickly!

  330. I am so privileged to donate and help you bring this beautiful girl home.  Can hardly wait to see this precious one thrive in your home.

  331. Praying and donated
    Amy Blackburn
    If I win anything it will go toward another adoption
    amylblackburn@gmail .com

  332. So excited for Faith to be a part of your family.  Hope God multiplies my chip in for her.

  333. Thank you for giving us the privildge to help you bring Faith home!  I can’t wait to see what the love of a family will do for this sweet one.  It’ll be miraculous I’m sure! 
    We donated to the Free Faith fund, wish we could do more.

  334. I am so glad you are leaving this open for more donations.  I’ve been following the information and praying and really wanted to help.  I just chipped in, and I will keep praying and watching for more news to see how God works more miracles.

  335. Donated thru Chip in…..  I stand in awe of your faithfulness…. I to want to be all God wants me to be, to be like him… Thank you for your faith and your blog, it has helped me in so many ways, to grow, to rejoice in my trials, knowing that God is in complete control…

     Theresa Korneisel

  336. God Bless you and your family on your journey to add one more precious angel to your flock.  I’m only sorry I couldn’t donate more. 

    Patty H.
    pattysprettythings AT sbcglobal DOT net

  337. I just sold some of our home school books and the Lord convicted me that the funds are for Faith.  It’s not much, but I know it’s better in your hands.  Bless you!

  338. You and your family are amazing and have touched my heart. I have supported you and hope that you reach your goal in record time and can bring Faith home soon.

  339. Chipped in… So  thankful that this little girl has a family who loves her, something every child deserves.

  340. “You know, if I had to choose the road which is easy—the one that never
    stretches nor challenges my faith—or the road where I am forced to rely
    so heavily on my Jesus…that’s the one I want!  Every time.” ……..i donated………keri d.

  341. So honored that you would ask for us to be a part of your story.  Thank you.  I donated via the chip-in.  I cannot wait to hear more of your story.

  342. I also shared your story on my facebook page.  Hope that more become aware and are prompted to act.

  343. Just sent you a little something via the payal link…..praying for you all, and for dear sweet Faith.  So happy to know what an amazing family is now in.  

    Lisa Comella

  344. Commenting to let you know that I donated and wish I could do more…praying for Faith and your beautiful family!

    Nella Smolinski

  345. Commenting to let you know that I shared this on FB…I just love when social media can be used for something so positive!  

    God bless,
    Nella Smolinski

  346. As I sat here with my one of my 9 year olds in my lap, we read your story, cried, and prayed for you.  Your strength and obedience in all of this is humbling and such a lesson. We will be following your journey and praying. May God bless with you all you need to bring Faith home and to bring relief, help and hope to the orphanage.  It’s an honor to share your journey.    
    Mardon Hickford

  347. Donated. What an awesome blessing y’all are receiving. I would love to adopt someday, but for now I will do my part to help you on your journey. May God bless & open every door.

  348. I feel privileged to donate and be a part of bringing Faith home. I can’t wait to see her flourish in your family.
    Elizabeth Lee

  349. Hi, we just donated! We wanted to sow into your rescuing of this precious little girl. God has really been putting this on our hearts lately. Tim Osborn

  350. Just shared on my Facebook page! I so admire your obedience. Can’t wait to see how your new sweet treasure will change your lives for the better 🙂

  351. I donated what I could. I read on another blog that you had already hit your goal, but I wanted to give a little extra. Anything to help in anyway. Even if it’s some gas in your car to get you to the airport.

  352. You are amazing and God will use you to touch the life of this child.  I donated towards your adoption.  Sandi H.

  353. Our family donated…I only wish we could donate and do more to help!  Praying for Faith and your family!

    Amanda Owensby

  354. We gave! And would have done so with no chance to win anything! It is exciting to get to be apart of God blessing and rescuing this precious girl! Thank you for being available! 

  355. Inspired and enthralled by your journey!  God Bless!  Praying for you all and stalking the blog with great interest!

    Wendy Bogers

  356. Wow that is so heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with you that God will continue to guide and direct you on your journey.

  357. Couldn’t wait to donate to your adoption.  You are such an inspiration, Adeye.  What a beautiful heart you have!  I will continue to pray for Faith and all the children in Pleven.  Love you Sister in Christ!

  358. Oops.  Donated last week but forgot to comment. Can’t wait to see how Hasya FLOWERS under your love and care!

  359. Our family just donated what we could right now.  We will offer our prayers for a speedy process in getting your Faith home!
    God bless you!

  360. I donated and shared on Facebook…left 1 comment a few days and just realized I should have left 2!  God bless you and your sweet, precious daughter!

  361. Donated – I can’t wait to see how this precious little one will blossom in your beautiful family, to God be the Glory!  God Bless you! 
    Sara Wright

  362. So that that you have said “yes” to God’s plan to bring this little girl to your family. Godspeed as you work to bring her home. Donated and will be praying.

  363. I donated because your story is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel!  It’s a privilege for me to help.
    Nan Whitney

  364. May God Bless and Guide you as you seek Him in this adoption. May the Lord bring Faith home to you soon! I am one of thirteen: eleven birth children, two little boys from Ethiopia – all of us were/are home schooled, and I am SO thankful!! Hoping that Faith will soon know the joy of a big family ready and willing to show her the love of Christ! 

  365. How could I NOT donate?  I have three healthy children who just got Easter baskets full of candy.  I just rocked my two year old before his nap and read Bible stories to him.  I just helped my teenage daughter order a corsage for prom.  My 11 year old son just came home, grabbed a snack and ran outside to play with his friends.  All three of them heard “I love you.” today.  It sickens me to know there is a 14 year old left in a crib to waste her life away…yet, she still smiles :).  Donating is the LEAST I can do to bring your daughter HOME so she can be shown how much she is already loved.  God has a plan for her…and a plan for your family. 

    Thank you for letting me play a small part in bringing your daughter home by contributing financially. 

    Audrey Curran

  366. Hi Adeye and family!  We just donated to Hasya’s adoption / Pleven medical fund.  Sorry for taking so long! 

  367. Made a donation to bring Hope home!  The Lord led me to give my tithe for Hope.  Praying for you as you trust in the Lord to bring this precious child into your lives.  

  368. thank you for your faith, for listening and fearlessly following God’s call on your life! I want to bring home one of the sweet angels as my child, but for now, while I wait on God and my husband, I welcome the opportunity to help by supporting you in your adoption of this precious girl. God tugged my heart with an amount that I didn’t think was possible for me, but He is right! When I checked my account it was exactly the amount that I could afford 🙂 I hope to continue to support your growing family!

  369. I shared with all my friends and the world through facebook your inspiring story!! Praying your newest daughter home!

  370. Happy to Donate, I admire your willingness to take on such an amazing task, I am not sure I would have the courage or faith to take such a step but I admire your faith in God and love and commitment 🙂 Also Praying for speeding process and many blessings

    Danielle Nelson

  371. Amazing that she is still living after all .  Just made a small donation.  Hope she will do well and heal once home.

  372. Adeye – I just made a donation for your precious daughter and the other children who wait. Yes, this is our problem. Prayers for you, Anthony, and your dear children.

  373. We are adopting ourselves and fundraising as well.  But after reading this post, we chose to make a small financial contribution.  God cares about orphans.  Thank you for being so passionate about that!

  374. we are so happy to share in this in the love and name of Jesus! we donated via chipin (a new experience) thanks to our daughter-in-law’s big heart. God is raising up a redemptive generation!!! Alan and ann Abel

  375. I donated my mothers day present allowance, cant think of a better present frankly. All love Natasha, Paul, Chloe and Lily

  376. It’s an honor to chip in for Faith. I pray for her to come home to you quickly so that her suffering can end. Thank you for saving her!

  377. Just put a message on facebook too. We’re currently also in the adoption process. Many blessings on your family!

  378. I just donated a few dollars. I’m always so impressed by all the good you do, I couldn’t help but donate 🙂

  379. Is this Giveaway over now? How do you announce the winners? And do different people win different things or 1 person wins everything?  I am new here but very excited about this idea.

  380. Woops, please ignore previous comment. DOnated “Shelley B for the event Orphan medical treatment ” and was trying to find my way back to that page and got it mixed up with this one! Looks like the link is blocked off for chip in for this adoption. sorry about that!

  381. Were the winners already chosen?  If not, when will they be announced?  Thanks!  Praying for your family!

  382. My family has been in the process of adopting from Uganda.  I had no idea the barriers / obstacles that would come up alone the way.  I was asking for prayer from our friends when one of them sent me a link to your site.  I am so grateful that He did.  What an amazing picture of the gospel.  Thank you for being obedient to Jesus.  I know you beautiful daughter is grateful, but so are the families you are encouraging.  The testimony of your family is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing.

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